What makes a good mobility scooter?

It is much easier to deal with a well known, reliable company so any future problems or issues with your scooter can easily be resolved. Your scooter should last for at least several years, and you want to be able to have it easily serviced or repaired. If you have a scooter from a well known company, it will be easier to order parts. Even if your scooter model is no longer manufactured, larger companies will still have the parts available. Therefore it is important to buy a recognised scooter brand, which carries a good reputation. Both Invacare mobility scooters and Pride mobility scooters have a solid history in the mobility industry and will be around for many years to come.

Do you offer mobility scooter safety tuition?

Mobility scooter safety tuition is available free of charge to all our new clients. We will make sure that you feel safe and confident on your new scooter and ready to enjoy your newfound freedom. Click here to read more about mobility scooter safety tuition.

Do Home Health and Mobility service mobility scooters?

Yes, we service all Invacare and Pride brands of mobility scooters. Our service technician can check your mobility scooter at regular 6-monthly intervals, giving you piece of mind. We will remind you when your scooter is due for a check. Click here to read more about Home Health and Mobility’s after-care and servicing services.

Is it best to test drive a mobility scooter at home?

At Home Health & Mobility we want your scooter buying experience to be both enjoyable and relaxed. It is important to test-drive a scooter in your own environment. We will take you through all your scooter options; discuss distances you wish to travel and places you would like to visit to ensure you make the right choice for your needs.

What about buying second-hand scooters?

At Home Health and Mobility we only sell second-hand scooters that we have a service history on. Be very careful when looking at second-hand mobility scooters, as you do not want to be buying someone else’s problem. Make sure the mobility scooter is a well know brand and ensure spare parts are readily available and the battery has plenty of life. Changing batteries in a scooter can be a costly experience.